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Executive Summary
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Brief Project Information
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What makes Us Special
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Roadmap and Tokenomics
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Our Community
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Over the last decade, Blockchain technology has emerged,
disrupting the real estate, entertainment, education, and
financial services industries. To grasp the potential of
Blockchain, think about how foreign and overwhelming the
Internet felt in when it first appeared a few decades ago. Now
think about where we are today. Today, the XR world has begun
embracing the possibilities offered by Blockchain technology as
an emerging industry that deals with many challenges in the
supply chain, payment systems, and transaction tracking. Thus,
Blockchain technology is poised to revolutionize innovative
start-ups in handling their operations and commercializing
their products to consumers. XR technologies are at the
forefront of the high-tech revolution, reshaping how businesses
position their offerings to improve their consumer experience.
This technology decades ago was pure science fiction but is
now made into reality. Virtual reality (VR) is widely used in all
spheres of life, from entertainment and education to real estate
and travel industries. This growth is reflected in the market
value as well - in 2019, the global market value of VR was less
than $15 billion. With Covid-19 accelerating innovative
technology, by 2023, it is anticipated to surpass $70 billion. With
XR and Blockchain currently being among the most popular
topics globally, it is proper to explore how these two forces
work together. Furthermore, in examining the current state of
the XR industry, it is clear that leveraging Blockchain and cloud
computing technologies will resolve the imminent challenges of
charity donations using NFTs collections and authenticity.
What Is Patrota
Patrora is a payment gateway platform for online
businesses, which will allow merchants to get paid in both
cryptocurrency and fiat and also receive in both currencies.
This platform revolutionize how people and businesses
send, receive and store money around the world.
PTR Token is the governance token of the Patrora
cryptocurrency payment gateway platform. It is a
decentralized token built on the BSC network. PTR token will
be a multi-utility token which part of it usecase is to fuel all
transactions on the Patrora platform. And it'll also be used to
top up the virtual or physical Patrora crypto cards which can
be used all over the world for daily transactions
PatroraChich is designed to accept payments in any crypto
on any network, allowing retail businesses for the first time
in the world to accept payments in crypto and receive crypto
in their wallet or fiat in their account based on their choice,
this will accept both crypto and fiat currency of different
blockchains/nationalities, and will accept crypto credit cards,
and fiat credit and debit cards as well.
A Patrora Token is a utility and governance token on the
PATRORA ecosystem that will/is use to: Fuel Transactions on
all PATRORAplatforms,Reduce costs of transactions and
payments,provide various services such as issuance of
prepaid cards and other utilities.
which accepts any crypto on any network, allowing E-
Commerce businesses for the first time in the world to accept
payments in crypto and receive crypto in their wallet or fiat
in their account based on their choice. This will be a gateway
system that will be use both in crypto Word and in the real
conventional macroeconomy, intranational, international and
Other features will be developed in the course of the
PATRORA ecosystem development and also the development
team will make use of great opinions, ideas and contributions
from the community for the betterment of the ecosystem.
Patrora is the Global Payment Solution
We are offering to connect global users in Crypto payment
system. Patrora will boost up the crypto payment gateway
The Patrora support services will be available 24
hours and will be ready to profound solution to any of
the platform users problem. And a support service
bot is being created to deliver the best of service to
Patrora merchants all over the world.
It is a great benefit for you to be able to send and
receive money from your home or work without going
to banks for any of your transactions. Patrora is a
digital mobile payment gateway platform that you can
operate anywhere you're at your convenience time.
Patrora is available to users all over the world and
users will be able to access it from all the country that
does illegallize cryptocurrency
-2022 PHASE 1
-IDO/ICO(Token Sale)
-2022 PHASE 2
-DEX Platform Development
-Listing Top Exchangers.th
-2022 PHASE 3
-Notice about payment gateaway
for the first time
-2022 PHASE 4
-NFT Platform development
-PTR Token will enter the top 1500
Name: Patrora Token
Token Symbol: PTR
PTR Decimals: 18 Decimal
Total Supply
60million PTR- Investor
60million PTR- Reserve (freeze)
40million PTR-ICO/IEO - The
remaining tokens will be burn
20million PTR- Team
20million PTR- Affiliate
program and bounty
Patrora Is the
future of
You don't need to disclose your
person details when paying bills
using Patrora. Some people have
lost a lot of money by giving out
their credit card information on
different Medias. Patrora solves
this problem too. When using
Patrora, you won't be required to
share your personal info on the
site or to individuals involved. This
eliminates the risk of disclosing
information that might fall in the
wrong hands..
Patrora Token is one of the fastest
growing and most loved communities in
cryptocurrency, and we believe that only
together we are strong. Community is
everything and Patrora Token strives not
only to include everyone but also help in
making the world a better place. We thrive
towards making EVERY member of the
crypto world to be proud owner of the
Patrora Token for EARNING.