Patrora is the Global Payment Solution....

We are offering to connect global users in Crypto payment system. Patrora will boost up the crypto payment gateway systems.

is the future of money

You don't need to disclose your person details when paying bills using Patrora. Some people have lost a lot of money by giving out their credit card information on different Medias. Patrora solves this problem too. When using Patrora, you won't be required to share your personal info on the site or to individuals involved. This eliminates the risk of disclosing information that might fall in the wrong hands..

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  • 2022 | Q1

    -IDO/ICO(Token Sale)

  • -DEX Platform Development
    -Listing Top Exchangers.

    2022 | Q2

  • 2022 | Q3

    -Notice about payment gateaway for the first time

  • -NFT Platform development
    -PTR Token will enter the top 1500

    2022 | Q4

Patrora Token


Patrora Token

Token Symbol


Total Supply


PTR Decimals

18 Decimals

BEP20 Contract Address


ERC20 Contract Address

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Quick Answers

Patrora is a payment gateway platform for online businesses, which will allow merchants to get paid in both cryptocurrency and fiat and also receive in both currencies. This platform revolutionize how people and businesses send, receive and store money around the world.

It is a great benefit for you to be able to send and receive money from your home or work without going to banks for any of your transactions. Patrora is a digital mobile payment gateway platform that you can operate anywhere you're at your convenience time.

PTR Token is the governance token of the Patrora cryptocurrency payment gateway platform. It is a decentralized token built on the BSC network. PTR token will be a multi-utility token which part of it usecase is to fuel all transactions on the Patrora platform. And it'll also be used to top up the virtual or physical Patrora crypto cards which can be used all over the world for daily transactions

NO, Patrora is available to users all over the world and users will be able to access it from all the country that does illegallize cryptocurrency.

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